Author’s Note: Two Ways To Pleasure… #LiveStory

Don’t miss Ms Sylvia’s LIVE STORY, Two Ways To Pleasure.. It’s em em good. 😉 you shall thank me later..

The Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard


And we’re off…

I feel excited about this and I’m getting my fingers all warmed up. This story will be completed. I’ve outlined and gotten everything ready until the end. I’m going to love Jordan’s story.

Live Story rules to readers:

  1. Under no circumstances do you share you link.
  2. Don’t copy and paste this story anywhere else. You can share the link of to get other readers involved if you like the story a lot, but please respect the digital copyright and hard work of this author.

1. All proceeds from these stories go to help me write more. The better I can pay a bill the less I have to do in order to make money. If I can write full time, You’d have ten full stories a year, but with the current money, I can only produce what I can without killing myself.

2. In the…

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