Congratulations to #SuperFan #SneakReader Ms Cassandra on winning #TwoWaysToPleasure Chapter 33.2 #BloggedBook Reading Challenge @amazon #giveaway

The Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard

twowaystoblissTwo Ways To Pleasure blogged book is going fabulously and if you haven’t subscribed, CLICK HERE to do so.

As you all know, well the veterans know, in blogged books I often refer to past characters. I’m about to introduce part of Chance Jefferson’s story and Instead of me trying to introduce him, I challenged my veteran readers.

The exact challenge was

Rules of the contest is your comment below must have something about Chance Jefferson (characteristics and/or his job) AND you must mention a book he is in. If you give a link on Amazon to that book, I’ll throw in an extra five bucks. (You’ll receive the gift card by email, so I’ll probably verify your Amazon email first before I send it to you.”

Do you know the answer? 

Ms Cassandra, #SneakReader & #SuperFan did.

Her answer (comment)

Sins_Iniquity2015I am loving this story. I can’t wait to see…

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